InterAction is a 501c3 nonprofit that harnesses the power of
counter-narratives – stories from the margins – to shine a light on
and combat racism and oppression

We strive to create communities—on college campuses and in towns and cities
across the country—where diversity, equity, and inclusion flourish, and incidents of
harassment and discrimination diminish.

We engage creative and effective strategies in counter-narrative education, advocacy, and social justice theater to foster awareness, empathy, and social change. Through our carefully crafted programs and services we facilitate the examination of issues of identity and difference, how they play out in our everyday lives, and channel them into strategies for building a better society.

By asking communities to share and listen to each other’s stories we bring marginalized stories to the
center stage. Our approach is three-pronged:

Empower Stories

Engage Communities

Catalyze Social Change

Ultimately, our goal is to activate young people of color to be a force of
positive transformation in their communities.


We imagine a world in which all young people of color have the opportunity to reach their full potential in their inclusive communities.


InterAction’s mission is to activate and advance young people of color and their counter-narratives to build a more just, inclusive, and equitable society.


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Radical Equity
Courageous Imagination
Abundant Compassion
Tenacious Purpose
Dynamic Collaboration